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Birth & First 48

Why hire a birth photographer?

There's truly nothing like the journey to motherhood; the changes to your body, the anticipation, the bravery, and the strength. Delivering a baby is absolutely one of the most important days of your life and it goes by really fast. Choosing to have a birth photographer allows you to simply be present during your birth without you or your partner worrying about capturing any details. When you're focused on delivering a baby, you might not see the way your partner looked at you with awe and so much love in their eyes throughout labor or the tears that rolled down their cheeks when they saw the baby you made together. The memory of seeing your baby for the first time and feeling the weight on your chest when you hold them will forever be captured.


What if I am having a C-Section…

Every birth story is worth photographing. While it depends
on the hospital where you’re delivering whether I can be in the operating room
with you or not, there are still many important moments I’m able to capture
before, during, and after your delivery.


Fresh 48

Fresh 48 sessions are perfect for families who want their baby’s first hours documented, including those uniquely newborn details, without having the entire labor and birth photographed. The session is held at the place of your baby’s birth (whether at a hospital, birth center, or home) within the first 24-48 hours of your baby’s life. These sessions are mostly unposed images that capture real interactions between you and your baby during those quiet moments, as well as those first feedings, first diaper changes, and emotional first family meetings.

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