Meet Erin

up-close and personal

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to look through my work! I absolutely love what I do and I'm humbled that I get to capture these beautiful moments for so many clients I adore.


My dream super power:

Find everything my kids have lost.

My spirit Animal:

ⓐ Penguin

ⓑ Monkey

◉ Tiger

Before I die I want to:

ⓐ Skydive

◉ Swim with whale sharks

ⓒ Surf a big wave

My favorite band:

Taylor Swift

Dream Vacation:

◉ Deep in the mountains

ⓑ Cityscape & skylines

ⓒ Somewhere tropical

my story


I fell in love with newborn photography in 2010 when I photographed my first newborn. Since then, I became a dog mama (to a beautiful black lab named Sage), graduated from Texas A&M University (thinking I would continue on to medical school), got married (to a handsome guy named John), decided medical school was not the right path for me and started Erin Beckwith Photography. I have been photographing newborns and families for thirteen years.


I have the same passion for capturing those fleeting moments and favorite memories for my clients as I do for my own sweet babies at home; Miller (8), Bennett (6), Briar (3), and Bowe (2). Don't feel sorry for them, I can bribe like the best of them! I want you to look back, years from now, and remember exactly how your baby's hand felt on your cheek or how they used to hold on to the collar of your shirt. I want you to hear the giggles and feel the joy when you look back at the family portraits I've taken. But most of all, I want to capture the heart of your family; the sweet looks, the genuine smiles, and pure happiness.


Erin Beckwith