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One of the many things I have learned from photographing births is that so much happens between the time the mom goes into labor and the baby’s arrival! But, after the baby is born, the birth story becomes all about the baby. What I have learned is that birth stories include (and should include) much more than that…One of the reasons why birth photography is so unique is because the true emotion is captured. The birth of a baby is surrounded by all kinds of emotions and sometimes many different types of tears. I believe birth photography is for stories like Trace’s.

Baby Trace was born on August 30th at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the medical center. His sweet mom, Robin decided that she wanted to do a natural birth using Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis and hired a rockstar doula from Bella Vie Baby Planners and Doula Care. It was amazing to watch Robin’s strength and focus as well as the support from her doula and husband. However, as Robin’s labor progressed, the doctor’s became concerned for the baby and after many tears, Robin and her husband decided to allow the doctors to do a c-section. Here is their birth story…


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